Search Committee Reference Guide

This PageUp reference guide is for search committee members. PageUp is the application Western uses for managing hiring and onboarding. If you are a search chair or coordinator please refer to your reference guide, as your view and options in PageUp are different.

If you are on a search committee and are NOT employed at Western, you will begin by creating a PageUp account.   

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Search Committee Member Reference Guide

Setting Up A PageUp Login (For Those NOT Employed at WWU)

If you are on a search committee and are NOT employed at Western, you will need to create an account in PageUp to review applicant materials. If you are currently a Western employee, skip to "Log Into PageUp" below. 

Once the search coordinator or search chair confirms that the position has been approved and posted, you can set up your PageUp account by following these instructions:

  • Go to the PageUp login
  • Click "Don't know your password?" below the login button
  • Enter your email address and the security key "western"
  • Am email will be sent to you to create a password for PageUp
    • Passwords must have one letter, one number, and be at least 8 characters in length
  • When a password is created, a login prompt will be displayed if the password is accepted. 

You are now ready to review job applicant materials. 

Log Into PageUp

If you are currently employed by Western and are a member of a search committee, you will begin by logging into PageUp

Your username and password are the same as your universal login that is used for Office 365.

  • Sign In: (ex:
  • Password: Your universal password

To Review Job Applicant Materials 

Log into PageUp 

Once you are signed into the PageUp system, click on "Jobs requiring panel review" in the "Search committee review" box.

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You will see the position in which you are a search committee member. Click “View Applicants” to the right of the title. 

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 To the right of the candidate’s name, click the icon that is two pieces of paper 

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From this view, you will be able to see if your candidates uploaded their materials or hand-typed in the information. You can click the link to open the respective document(s).


For each candidate, you can enter an outcome. Your options are: does not meet required qualifications, meets required qualifications, meets required quals/some preferred, or meets required quals/all preferred. You are not required to utilize this feature.

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Please note: The outcome dropdown is only for your review and will not change the status of the candidate. This helps you keep track of the applicants you have reviewed. Your search chair will be able to pull your chosen outcomes if needed for candidate selection.