• United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4121 are representing Western Academic Workers United (WAWU) which includes research and teaching assistants, laboratory assistants, library assistants, tutors, and others. 
  • Western Academic Workers United (WAWU) is the umbrella term that they are using for themselves. 
  • The WAWU Educational Student Employees (ESE) is a recognized union, and they are currently bargaining with Western based on SB 5238, which was passed and signed by the state last year. 
  • The WAWU's Operation Student Employees (OSE) are not recognized, and SB 5895, which would have provided a bargaining framework, did not pass. The University believes that legislation establishing the right to bargain, the process for seeking recognition of a union, and the rules that govern bargaining are necessary prerequisites for the University to recognize a unit of operational student employees. 

Current Agreement:

WWU WAWU 2024-2027 Agreement

Educational Student Employee (ESE) Job Titles

Computer Assistant 1*

Computer Assistant 2*

Computer Assistant 3*

Dept. Grad Research Ass 6-G

Faculty Assistant 1

Faculty Assistant 2

Faculty Assistant 3

Grad Teaching/Research Asst

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Asst Hourly

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Laboratory Assistant 1

Laboratory Assistant 2

Laboratory Assistant 3

Library Assistant 1

Library Assistant 2

Library Assistant 3

Peer Advisor 1

Peer Advisor 2

Peer Advisor 3

Research Assistant 1

Research Assistant 2

Research Assistant 3

Tutor 1

Tutor 2

Tutor 3

*Student Technology Center Only

WAWU Contacts