State Employee Whistleblower Act

State Employee Whistleblower Act

Notice of Whistleblower Designees

Revised October 19, 2023

The following list of individuals are designated as responsible for receiving reports from WWU faculty and staff who wish to make whistleblower reports under the Washington State Whistleblower Act, Chapter 42.40 RCW, regarding improper governmental action at Western Washington University.  These designees are in addition to the State Auditor and the Executive Ethics Board.

Designees are required by law to receive and transmit whistleblower reports to the State Auditor’s Office within 15 days of receipt.

Whistleblower Report Recipients/Designees                                                                                                

Brad Johnson, Provost and Executive Vice President

MS-9033; Telephone: 360-650-3480     

Melynda Huskey, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services

MS-9001; Telephone:  360-650-3839

Joyce Lopes, Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs

MS-9044; Telephone: 360-650-3407                 

Darin Rasmussen, Assistant Vice President, Risk, Ethics, Safety, and Resilience

MS-9044; Telephone: 360-650-4611

Priya Sall, Senior Internal Auditor, Audit & Consulting Services

MS-9015; Telephone 360-650-3241

The Whistleblower Act defines improper governmental action that may be reported under the law as:

  • Is in violation of federal or state law or rule if the violation is not merely technical or of a minimum nature.
  • Is a gross waste of public funds or resources.
  • Is of substantial and specific danger to the public health or safety.
  • Is gross mismanagement.
  • Prevents dissemination of scientific opinion or alters technical findings.
  • Violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

Please contact Priya Sall, Senior Internal Auditor, Audit and Consulting Services at 360-650-343241 or the State Auditor’s Office, Whistleblower Program, at 564-999-0918, with questions.