Onboarding Resources

Before Your First Day

  • Completing your I-9 is required before we can set up your Western accounts and before you can work. If you are able to do this two weeks before your start date, it will make it easier for us to have you ready to go on your first day. Stop by HR (Humanities Room 203) during our office hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm) to complete your I-9 in person. 
  • All employees must comply with our Immunization policies, including COVID vaccination by time of hire and Proof of Rubeola Measles Immunity within 60-days of hire. Please reach out to HR@wwu.edu if you need information regarding medical or religious exemption and applicable accommodations.
  • Benefits information:
    1. General information on Insurance and Retirement Benefits at Western.
    2. Please access the task list in your New Hire Portal* for benefits information and enrollment documents that are specific to your new role.
  • Payroll/direct deposit information
  • Access your new hire paperwork here (some of these items will be completed online after you accept your job offer-you do not need to complete any item twice)

*How to access your New Hire portal and task list:

  • Using your Applicant account: Login to the careers page, then click "Go to employee portal"
  • Using your Western account: Login to PageUp, and click on "Onboarding"

Getting to know WWU

Faculty Resources 

Additional information for new faculty members is available on the Provost's New Faculty webpage

Your First Week

Your First Month

  • Attend a New Employee Orientation. All new permanent staff will receive an invitation to this mandatory session within 30 days of hire. 
  • Complete mandatory prevention trainings which include Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Clery Act and Title IX, and Hazing and Bullying Prevention. Contact crtc@wwu.edu with any questions.
  • Return benefits paperwork to HR by the deadline assigned in your task list (generally 31 days after your start date). 
  • Supervisors: If your role is Supervisory, you must complete the mandatory Supervisor QuickStart Training in Canvas. 
  • If you are a timesheet approver, visit the Learning Library and sign up for the monthly Payroll Approver Training