HR Directory

Kate Camacho

Kate smiles and wear a black v-neck shirt.

  Benefits Assistant
  (360) 650-6841

Charlotte Casson

Geno Defa

Geno is wearing a suit and tie. He has wavy gray hair and a full beard.

Interim Associate Vice President
(360) 650-4920

Ben Harvey

Ben has glasses and a small smile and wears a white polo shirt.

  Payroll Fiscal Analyst
  (360) 650-3936

Buffi Jones

Buffi smiles at the camera in front of a background of green trees. She has a blonde bob haircut and wears a jean jacket.

  HR Administrator
  (360) 650-3778

Mary Ellen Keeney

Mary Ellen wears dark-framed glasses, a black shirt with a print collar, and a small smile.

 Interim Senior Advisor, Human Resources 
 (360) 650-2892

Thomas Luthi

Thomas wears a blue button down shirt, his big smile framed by a moustache and beard

  Payroll Assistant
  (360) 650-7490

Benny Musonda

  IT Support Technician 2
  (360) 650-2404

Stephanie Norsby

Stephanie smiles broadly and wears a silver pendant necklace over a layered black shirt.

  Interim Assistant Director of Benefits & Operations
  (360) 650-3306

Kaylan Rocamora

Kaylan wears a tan blazer with a black turtle neck. She has long, wavy black hair, pulled half-back.

  HR Administrator 
  (360) 650-2772

Jamie Ross

Jamie has a wide smile and wears a pendant necklace above a bright blue shirt.

  HRIS Assistant
  (360) 650-7664

Harjit Singh

Harjit wears a moustache and beard, glasses, and a gray polo shirt.

  HRIS Assistant
  (360) 650-7718

Megan Summers

Megan smiles and wears a navy blue shirt with a light pattern.

  Interim Assistant Director of Payroll Services 
  (360) 650-3544

Janelle Talley

Janelle has long, wavy, dark hair; and wears black glasses and a sleeveless top with a colorful print..

Human Resources Consultant Assistant
(360) 650-3073

Tara Terry

Tara smiles broadly and wears glasses and a black shirt under a black jacket.

  HRIS Assistant
  (360) 650-3565

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