Search Chair & Coordinator Reference Guide

Below are step-by-step instructions to complete the actions in PageUp most commonly used by search chairs and search coordinators. PageUp is the application Western uses for hiring and onboarding new employees. 

Search committee members have different options available to them in PageUp, which can be found in their Search Committee Reference Guide.


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Reference Guide for Search Chairs & Coordinators

To Review Job Applicant Materials 

Begin in PageUp

To begin, log into PageUP

To Review Job Application Materials 

Once you are signed in to the PageUp system, click on "Jobs" in the top, right-hand corner. Locate your position in the list and click the title. This will bring you to the Recruitment Request form. You will then click on “View Applications” on the top right.

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Please note: the number under the applications column may not accurately reflect the number of applications that have been submitted. The system counts both submitted and in-progress applications, however, you are only able to view those that have been submitted.

If you are brought into the Applicant Progress Board, you will see "List View" and "Board view" on the top right side of the screen. 

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Select "List View," and then “Manage Applications” on the right to follow these instructions.

To the right of the candidate’s name, click the icon that is two pieces of paper - 

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From this view, you will be able to see if your candidates uploaded their materials or hand-typed their information. You can click the link to open the respective document(s).

To Change/Update Application Status 

The applicant status is utilized to determine where in the process your applicant is located. To update the status, you will click the application status to the left of your applicant’s name. You can change to the following status:

Application Incomplete

If you requested additional materials be submitted to the application and they are missing, you can put the application into “Application Incomplete”. This will bring up an email template to notify the applicant that they are missing required documents. You can update this template as needed to match your requirements.

Please note: For an applicant to make changes to a submitted application they will need to withdraw their application and reapply. If the position is already closed, they will not be able to furnish this information. If you are sending the email, click “Move now” and the email will be sent, and the status will be updated.

If you do not want to send this email, update the radio button to No:

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Click “Move now” and the status will be updated, and no email will be sent.

Phone Screen

If you are phone screening your candidates, you can update to the Phone Screen status. Phone screens do not require approval.

Considered – Not selected for position

If your candidate either lacked or had less qualifications/experience you will update to this status. Click the status, and then click “Next”. Keep the following at No:

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 You will choose the reason for this status by utilizing the drop-down:

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 IMPORTANT: You will need to complete the status by writing the specific qualification your candidate lacked/had less (or other reason, if applicable) in the Note field:

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 This information is what will be reviewed when you submit for interview/offer. Click “Move now” to update the status.

Request to Interview 

If you are phone screening your candidates, you do not need to submit a request to interview.

Once you have made your determination of your finalists, you will submit your request. You cannot schedule interviews until they have been approved by HR (Classified Staff positions) or CRTC (Faculty and Professional Staff positions).

From your “View Applications” listing click the first checkbox (green) next to each applicant’s name you are wanting to interview.

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IMPORTANT: Click the drop-down arrow at the top of the screen ‘Select a bulk action’ and select ‘Bulk move and send’ from the list.

A communication template will open in a new window. Choose the communication template, ‘Request to Interview (TO CRTC/HR) in the first dropdown. An email will be populated with all the information needed for your interview request. Enter one of the following in the user field: (Professional Staff, Executive, and Faculty searches) (Classified Staff searches)

No other fields need to be completed. Click Next. The system will ask what status you want to update your candidates – choose “Request to Interview”, and click Next. Click ‘Move Now’. No additional information is necessary.

You will follow the above steps for “Request to Interview” to request Alternates. This time you will pick the status – Request to Interview – Alternates. When/if alternates are interviewed, you will update their status to ‘Alternate Moved to Interview List’.

Once CRTC or HR review your request(s) you will receive an approved email and your candidate(s) status will be updated to ‘Request to Interview Approved’ or ‘Request to Interview Alternate Approved’. At this time, you can contact your finalists for interview.

Reviewing Recruitment Reports 

Only the Search Chair and Search Coordinator can review recruitment reports. From your dashboard, click “Jobs” in the top right-hand corner. Find your position and click on the title. Click on “Reports” from the top menu.

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The following reports are available

Applicant Contact Information: This report will show the email addresses and phone numbers for all your candidates.

Dispositions Check: This report will show all your candidates and the dispositions (specific reasons for non-selection) that you or the Search Coordinator entered. You will want to review this report to ensure these are all completed before requesting to interview.

Search Committee Comments: This report will show the initial screening determination by the members of your search committee. This report will only be populated if the search committee is utilizing this functionality of the system.

Communicating with Applicants 

PageUp can mass communicate the same message to multiple applicants all at once (or one-by-one).

From your ‘View Applications’ screen, select the applicant(s) that are to receive the communication by using the green check box to the left of their name(s).

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Utilizing the “Select a bulk action” drop-down at the top of your screen, select “Bulk Communicate”.

Select a communication template if one is available - if none are applicable select “No Template”.

Update the “From” field if needed. Any replies to this message will send to the email specified in this field and will not go through the PageUp system.

Update the “Subject” if needed.

Make any desired updates to the email message.

Click “Send”.