Onboarding Tasks in PageUp

Onboarding tasks are assigned to both supervisors and new hires in the PageUp system. As a supervisor, you can see both the supervisor and new hire tasks. The onboarding portal includes required forms, benefit enrollment information, and information to help candidates connect with Western.

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Supervisor Onboarding Tasks in PageUp

View Your New Hire's Onboarding Tasks

Log into PageUp using your universal login used for Office 365. 

  • Sign In: userID@wwu.edu (ex: doej@wwu.edu)
  • Password: Your universal password

Once you are logged into PageUp, click the "New hires" link in the "Offers" box to view your list of new hires. 

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Important Note: 

  • "New hire tasks" in the "Offers" box shows a cumulative list of tasks for all accessible new hires.
  • "New hires" in the "Offers" box shows a list of hires, with their tasks in separate lists.

To review the offer you can select "View offer details."

Click "View all tasks" to: 

  • Add new tasks
  • Edit tasks 
  • View and mark manager tasks as complete 


    Add New Tasks  

    You can assign unique tasks to members of your team through PageUp, such as taking a new employee to lunch on their first day of employment. 

    • Click "View all tasks"
    • Identify which group to add the task to, such as "First Week"
    • Click the "Add" button
    • Complete new task information 
    • Click "Submit"
    • Notify candidate if applicable (see below)

    Edit Tasks  

    Any aspect of a task can be modified in PageUp: who it is assigned to, date, title, task group, and content.

    • Click "view all tasks"
    • Click on the blue pencil icon next to the task
    • Edit task content 
    • Save 
    • Notify candidate if applicable (see below)

    Notify New Hire of Task Updates  

    Follow the steps below to notify your new hire of any additional or updated tasks.

    • Click on the "Notify updates" button
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    • Type an email message or use the default text.
    • Click "Send"

    View and Manage Supervisor Tasks

    Once you mark a task complete, it cannot be undone, but you can add the task back to the list if you make it complete by accident. 

    • Click "View all tasks."
    • Click on the task name to view the task details.
    • Once a task is complete, open the task and click "Complete task."
    • Tasks not completed by the due date are marked "Overdue."

    View Hiring Manager Tasks for Multiple Employees 

    • Click "My new hire tasks" in the "Offer" box. 
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    • Tasks can be sorted by employee name or by task.
    • To mark a task complete, click the task title and a pop-up window will appear. 
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    • Click "Mark as completed." 
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    •  To complete multiple tasks, click the check box next to each completed task.
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    • Click "Bulk Complete" on the top left of the screen.
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    •  To view all employee tasks, click "View all tasks" on the right side of the screen.