Statement of Accountability


Principal Investigators and/or Project Directors (PI’s/PD’s) who hire personnel with grant funds are responsible for managing personnel in accordance with Western’s policies.  Please note: Substantial financial liabilities can occur when the hiring processes and policies listed below are overlooked.  Please bookmark Western’s Human Resources website to review relevant policies and procedures and to access the resources listed below.

Budgeting for Employees

Budgets should be developed in collaboration with Pre-Award in the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

If you plan to include personnel (classified, exempt or temporary) in your budget, contact Employee and Labor Relations to obtain position description and salary information for the position.


After the grant is awarded, PI’s/PD’s contact Stephanie Norsby, Employment System Administrator, @ 360.650.3306 for questions and/or assistance with the following:

  1. Proper hiring practices: Offer Letters, Out of State Employees, Position E-Verify
  2. If your grant has an E-verify clause, all hires (including yourself if you haven’t already been E-verified) are required to complete the Form I-9/E-Verify prior to starting any work on the grant. (in person, in the Human Resources office)
  3. Considerations when hiring internal candidates

During Employment

PI’s/PD’s are responsible for managing the following for personnel throughout employment:

  1. Correcting and approving time sheets as a payroll approver (becoming a payroll approver)
  2. Managing overtime and hours of work, per employee classification (ie, faculty, classified staff, etc.)
  3. Time reporting for vacation, sick leave, and leaves of absence for employees
  4. Cash out distribution for un-used vacation
  5. Termination, including notice of termination date and/or extending a termination date
  6. Performance evaluations
  7. Employee travel pay during travel

Reach out to Payroll for questions about the above tasks.

Supervisor Training

PI’s/PD’s who are managing personnel can receive supervisor training. To access training please visit the Employee Training Portal.