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Compliance with the professional staff handbook regarding performance evaluations for 2019-2020 was cancelled.  Although performance evaluations are an important aspect of human resource management, under the circumstances, enforcing this could place an additional burden on supervisors and employees.  Human Resources encourages all supervisors to provide continual feedback and communication to employees regarding their performance.  HR Consultants are available to provide support.

Similarly, PSE, WFSE and the University have agreed that written annual performance evaluations referenced in Article 34 and Article 6, respectively, of the collective bargaining agreements will be suspended for the 19-20 fiscal year.   

To initiate a position review, please contact your HR Consultant prior to submitting a position description.

To request a temporary pay increase, the supervisor needs to submit an email to your HR Consultant with the request and the basis for the request.

Employee and Labor Relations Contacts

Lea Aune

  Associate Director
  HR/Employee & Labor Relations

  (360) 650-7763


Oversees the Employee & Labor Relations team, which provides guidance in the areas of Employee and Labor Relations, Employment, and Classification/Compensation to directors, managers, supervisors and employees. Serves as a point of contact for union negotiations.

Employee and Labor Relations Consultants

Each University Division has an assigned consultant who can assist you with:

  • Union contract/handbook administration & compliance
  • Supervisor & search committee recruitment process & vacancy support
  • Classification/compensation, including new positions and recruitments
  • Personnel actions, including new hires, terminations, and leave
  • Employee performance & discipline
  • Performance evaluation support

See below to find your consultant's contact information.

Gretchen Lucas

Academic Affairs                               Gretchen Lucas profile

Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

(360) 650-2513


Kelsie Swanson

Business & Financial Affairs and University Relations & MarketingPicture of Kelsie Cagampang, HR Analyst

Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

(360) 650-4065


Megan Galley

Enrollment & Student Services and University AdvancementMegan Galley profile

Employee & Labor Relations Consultant

(360) 650-2615;