Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations

With winter comes the potential for adverse weather conditions. Below is information about the University’s Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations Policies and Standards. Further information can be found on the University’s Inclement Weather page.

Inclement Weather

Applies when WWU's Campus is OPEN, but weather conditions impact your ability to safely report on site, as determined by the employee. 


  • By default, all classes proceed as scheduled.
  • If weather conditions impact the faculty member's ability to report to campus, they can either:
    • Cancel class and communicate the cancellation to students, or
    • Move the class on that day to remote, recognizing that some students may not be able to participate.  Faculty should communicate clearly with students as early as possible and do their best to work with students who may be adversely impacted.


If you regularly report onsite but cannot safely travel to work due to weather conditions, work with your supervisor to determine if there are any remote work opportunities available. We encourage you to discuss this with your supervisor in advance! Classified staff should refer to their CBA and inclement weather policy for more info. Here are a few key action items/reminders:

  • Overtime eligible employees must report full or partial day absences due to inclement weather on their timesheet.
  • Permissible Leave:WFSE & PSE employees who are unable to report to work due to inclement weather may use the following leave:
    • Vacation
    • Personal Holiday
    • Compensatory Time, and/or 
    • Leave Without Pay
  • PSE Employees also have the option to report sick leave up to a maximum of 3 days in a calendar year
  • Overtime-eligible Professional staff can report:
    • Vacation
    • Compensatory
    • Personal Holiday
    • or leave without pay

Suspended Operations

Applies when WWU's Campus is CLOSED. If campus is CLOSED, only ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL (typically Facilities Management and University Police) report to work. Please ask your supervisor if you are unsure of your position's designation.  By staying off campus, the winter operations team is able to quickly and safely clear snow from ADA routes, roadways, parking lots, and walkways.  As winter operations are a high risk evolution, this helps avoid potential collisions with non-WWU vehicles and allows the operations team to focus on the efficient removal of snow and ice.


  • All classes (including hybrid/remote) are cancelled.  Faculty should not require attendance.
  • Faculty should communicate what their plans are with students if they are requiring some additional preparation outside of class ahead of the next meeting (example: readings, video content, or other preparations required for the next meeting, etc.)
  • Faculty should remain available to participate remotely in previously scheduled meetings and/or other service assignments.


  • Employees not designated as essential, including classified and professional staff, are expected to work remotely during suspended operations events that do not exceed 15 calendar days. Supervisors are responsible to ensure work is available to employees. Please also consider using this time to complete any required trainings.
  • If you do not regularly work remotely, work with your supervisor to plan remote work options in advance. This can include professional development.
  • Staff unavailable to work remotely during suspended operations can elect to:
    • Make up time lost (overtime eligible employees only. Please use code SUS on timesheet).
    • Use available vacation, personal holiday, or compensatory time, or 
    • Take leave without pay

All use of paid and unpaid leave must follow applicable bargaining unit contracts, or handbook.  To review these policies please see links below.

Inclement Weather/Suspended Operations Policies and Standards

Suspending University Operations: POL-U5400.04

Reporting Time During Suspended Operations, University Standard: STN-U5400.04A

Reporting Make-Up Hours for Suspended Operations, Procedure: PRO-U5400.04A

Taking and Reporting Leave During Inclement Weather: POL-U5400.03