Relocation Compensation


To be eligible for relocation compensation, new hires must be:

  • New permanent employees
  • Moving a distance of more than 100 miles

Any exceptions must be approved by the VP/Provost or President.

Determining Compensation Amount

Standards to Follow

Before determining amounts, be sure to understand the following standards:

  1. The position must meet the eligibility criteria (see above)
  2. Hiring authorities may make an offer of relocation compensation to an eligible finalist. Relocation compensation may include additional funds for a house hunting allowance. Departments are not required to provide this compensation, but should always consider equity issues in making that determination.
  3. The amount of compensation (and/or allowance) must be included in the official offer of employment.
  4. The compensation will be provided as a lump sum one-time payment via payroll and a Personnel Action form. This payment will be made no sooner than the employee's first payroll after their start date.
  5. Responsible stewardship of University funds must always be a top consideration.
  6. The compensation amount:
    1. Must not exceed relocating 16,000 lbs. of household good, and
    2. Must be in the Financial Manager's available funds
  7. Instructions must be followed to ensure consistent determination of funds (see below)
  8. No additional funds will be given for relocation compensation. Changes to the offer of employment must be approved by HR. 
  9. HR will ensure that required template language is used in the offer of employment letter when relocation compensation is included. 

Moving Cost Estimator

To determine an amount for relocation costs, use the Relocator Information website, and follow the instructions in Standards: Determining Relocation Compensation and House Hunting Allowances

House Hunting Allowance

Use the House Hunting Estimator

*In both cases you should retain a copy of your estimate, and proof of relocation when needed, to attach to the Personnel Action form.

Making an Offer

  • Approval from the appropriate Appointing Authority must be received prior to making an offer of employment if relocation compensation will be included. The relocation compensation must be included in the offer. 
  • Compensation will be paid as a lump sum payment in the first payroll following the employee's start date.
  • If the employee resigns or is terminated prior to completing one year of employment, the University may require reimbursement. This information must be included in the offer letter. 
  • Relocation compensation may be provided with or without a hiring incentive payment. For staff, see collective bargaining agreements or the Professional Staff compensation plan for more information.