Military Leave

Military Leave

Any employee who is a member of the United States Military, a member of a military reserve force of the United States or of the Washington National Guard is entitled to 21 days of paid military leave each year (beginning October 1st and ending the following September 30th) in order to report for required military duty, when called, or to take part in training or drills including those in the National Guard or state active status.

Notification of Military Leave

If you will be requesting military leave you will need to notify your supervisor and Human Resources by completing a Leave Request Form. You may be requested to provide a copy of their military orders.

Taking Additional Leave Time

If you need additional time for military leave you may request to use other types of leave for additional military leave time.

  • Paid Leave: Any Employee may use accrued leave (compensatory time, vacation leave, personal leave, or personal holiday) in addition to or in place of their Military leave.
  • Leave without Pay: Employees are entitled to unpaid military leave in accordance with RCW 38.40.060 and applicable federal law.
  • Shared LeaveAny Employee who has been called to service in the uniformed services qualifies for shared leave if they have depleted or will shortly deplete their vacation leave and paid military leave under RCW 38.40.060. Western requires the employee to submit a copy of the military orders verifying the employee’s required absence prior to receiving shared leave. For more information on requesting shared leave please contact Julie Moon.

You should follow the standard leave request procedure when notifying your supervisor of additional military leave time. Any requests for leave without pay should be submitted on a Leave Request form.

Impact of Military Leave on Benefits

If you are taking paid or unpaid military leave, your benefits will continue in accordance with RCW 73.16 and Western’s collective bargaining agreements. If you have any questions about benefits eligibility during your period of military leave please contact the Human Resources Benefits Team.

Return from Military Service

Following release from military service, you shall have the right to return to his/her employment as provided by applicable state and federal law. When returning from military leave you will have the right to return to your employment without reduction of any benefits, performance rating, privileges, or pay.

Military Family Leave

Military Family Leave (Washington State)

Employees whose spouse is a member of the United States armed forces (active duty) National Guard or reserves who has been notified of an impending deployment or der to active duty, or who has been deployed and is on leave from deployment are allowed a total of fifteen days of unpaid leave per deployment to spend time with their spouse.

Military Caregiver Leave (FMLA)

If an employee qualifies for FMLA, they may use up to 26 weeks of leave to care for a military member who is recovering from a serious illness or injury sustained in the line of duty while on active duty.

Military Exigency Leave (FMLA)

An employee who qualifies for FMLA and has a family member in the National Guard or reserves who is deploying or is deployed, may use their FMLA for certain difficult reasons related to a deployment.

Documents/forms needed for leave: