Mental Health

Postpartum Support International

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The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.

Employee Assistance Program

Available to Western Employees

Mobile Mama Therapy

Mobile Mama Therapy

Therapy is helpful for any mom needing support during the incredibly transformational time. It is also designed to support those moms who may be working with fertility concerns, the adjustment to pregnancy, the adjustment to motherhood, the loss of a baby, parenting concerns, or may be at risk for prenatal or postpartum depression and/or anxiety.

Postpartum Progress

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Blog dedicated to maternal mental illness. It offers warm, positive, in-depth information, support and hope for all pregnant and new moms who experience postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth, including postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression or anxiety during pregnancy, post-adoption depression, postpartum PTSD, bipolar, peripartum onset/postpartum bipolar, depression after miscarriage or perinatal loss and postpartum psychosis. 

Perinatal Support of Washington

Perinatal Support of Washington

A Statewide non-profit committed to shining a light on perinatal mental health to support all families and communities. They believe all parents should receive appropriate, timely, and culturally relevant care from conception to baby's first birthday.

Postpartum Dads

This website is intended to help dads and families by providing firsthand information and guidance through the experience of PPD.  This site also includes information and resources that can be used by professionals to assist families dealing with PPD.