Leaving Western: FAQ

Whether leaving Western through retirement, layoff or termination we hope the following information will be helpful in your transition.

If you are leaving for medical reasons, please contact FMLA/Disability Services at 360-650-3771.

Leaving Western: Frequently Asked Questions

Employees who are resigning from Western should provide reasonable notice (no less than two weeks) and indicate their resignation in writing (either via email or letter indicating their last work date) to their immediate supervisor.  We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one, or complete an online exit interview.

Your final paycheck will be issued on the next regularly scheduled pay date following your termination date.  It will be distributed as usual (i.e. direct deposit, home address) unless other arrangements are made.

If you have a vacation balance, and have 6 months of continuous service the balance of your vacation will be paid on your final paycheck (as long as you have completed your final timesheet).  Additionally, for Professional Staff, if you are leaving involuntarily or retiring, your vacation balance will be paid out even if there has not been 6 months of continuous service.

If you are retiring from your position (as of 01/01/2013) and you are:

Professional Staff: Your sick time will be paid out at 25% into a VEBA account for future medical expenses

Bargaining unit A, D or E:  Your sick time will be paid out at 25% into a VEBA account for future medical expenses

Bargaining Unit B:  Your sick time will be paid out at 25% into a VEBA account for future medical expenses

Bargaining Unit PTE:  Your sick time will be paid out at 25% into a VEBA account for future medical expenses

If you are terminating from your position, your sick time will be forfeited.

Your medical/dental benefits end on the last day of the month in which your termination date occurs.  Once you terminate, you will receive information regarding COBRA directly from the Health Care Authority – Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB).  If you have questions about COBRA, please visit the PEBB website at http://www.pebb.hca.wa.gov.

Arrangements should be made with the appropriate departments to return all University property, such as keys (keys should be returned to the Lock Shop), p-cards, books, uniforms, pagers, cell phones, etc.)

Upon termination, the tuition fee waiver benefit will cease at the end of the current term.

Please contact our Employment Administrator, Stephanie Norsby at 360-650-3306.  The Outplacement Center has been established to help employees who are impacted by layoff to understand their benefits, market themselves online, create professional cover letters and resumes, learn/update interview skills and utilize job search resources.

You will need to submit a written request for a refund of your remaining balance to University Dining Services, Edens Hall 109.

If you are no longer an employee, you will become a visitor and no longer eligible for a long-term parking permit.  You will be asked to return the permit for a refund.  The refund will be prorated from the day Parking Services receives the physical permit.

If you are currently paying your membership dues via payroll deduction, your membership would stop when you terminate.  If you paid for your membership in one lump sum, you will be able to continue using your membership until that term expires.  There are no refunds on paid memberships; however, your membership will be honored until complete.

Your child(ren) can continue for one quarter, if there is space available and no one on the waiting list.  There may be opportunities to stay longer, as long as it is not taking a spot from a current student or employee.

Additional Resources

Job Documentation and Transition Plan

Please document the details of your position with the Job Documentation Tool. When complete, this file can be shared with your manager.

Exit Interview Process

Please complete the on-line exit survey before you leave. You can access it now at this link: WWU Employee Exit Survey.  If you do not have access to a computer, this form will be mailed to you through campus mail.  If you would rather, you can have this interview conducted one-on-one with a Human Resources representative of your choice.

Who:  This survey will be conducted with all terminating employees, except for students

Why:  We were voted as one of the ‘Great Colleges to Work For’ in 2011 and want to remain best-in-class; you are essential in this process.  With the information you provide we will be able to focus on our strengths and opportunities.

Are My Answers Confidential:  Your exit interview is filed confidentially in Human Resources. Collective comments, suggestions and concerns (not specific to a person) that could be helpful in correcting working conditions may be shared with departments.  If there are any legal, policy or procedure issues that are identified through this process, the information will be shared with the appropriate individuals.

Contact:  To initiate a live exit interview you can contact Dennis Dashiell, Assistant Director of Organizational and Professional Development at 360-650-7765.

For any other exit questions, please contact Stephanie Norsby, Western Employment Administrator at 360-650-3306.

See Also: Vacancy Support (steps for Supervisors)