Mandatory Employee Testing Program


The contract with Northwest Laboratories for both the voluntary and mandatory employee testing programs will end on June 30, 2022.  Employees who need testing are encouraged to obtain at-home tests, which can be obtained free of charge from the following websites:

Reporting of employee positive tests will continue to be done through Human Resources.  We will continue to provide information regarding positive tests on Western’s Covid Dashboard, and on Campus Buildings with Confirmed Positive Cases.

Covid Coordination and Resilience will continue to monitor the new infection and hospitalization trends and review all recommendations of our local and national health organizations and will make changes as appropriate.

Mandatory COVID-19 testing for employees

Mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing is required for any employee with an approved COVID vaccination exemption. Testing is provided on campus each week by drop-in or appointment.

If you are not working or available during the scheduled testing center hours, please contact us at or (360) 650-4065 as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.

Schedule your weekly COVID-19 test

While walk-in appointments are welcome, we encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance on the TestDirectly website to reduce the amount of wait time you may experience.

Other details

  • Employees on leave for a partial week are required to test for that week.
  • Employees on leave for an entire week are not required to test for that week. Please contact HR if you will be gone an entire week.
  • Employees should report the hours spent for COVID tests as "COVID-19 Testing" on their time sheet.
  • Employees working remotely full-time who will not be called onsite should contact to discuss options.

Other important COVID-19 safety precautions for employees with a vaccination exemption:

  • Wear a mask:  Masks are required indoors and also in crowded, outdoor areas or in areas where employees are working alongside someone and unable to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance.  For large events where both a virtual and in-person participation option are provided, we encourage unvaccinated employees to participate virtually.
  • Physical distancing:  When able, unvaccinated employees should maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others.
  • Potential restricted areas on campus:  If there is a cluster of positive COVID cases in a particular area on campus (for example, in a particular area of a dorm), unvaccinated employees may be restricted from working in that area or may require additional safety precautions. Specific information will be provided should this situation should arise.
  • Potential restriction from campus:  In the event of an outbreak as defined by POL-U1300.02 Requiring Proof of COVID Vaccination Status, unvaccinated individuals will be prohibited from reporting to work onsite until the outbreak declaration is revoked.  Employees may be approved to work remotely full or part-time during the outbreak, and/or report either paid or unpaid leave. Faculty work assignments will be negotiated via the Provost’s Office.