Getting Paid

Time Sheets

Time sheets must be submitted for approval by 11:59 p.m. every 15th of the month and the last day of the month.  Time sheets can be accessed electronically from any computer via Web4U.  To access your time sheet, follow these instructions:

  • Login to Web4U
  • Select Employee tab
  • Select Time Entry
  • Select the appropriate Position & Pay Period
  • Enter time as needed
  • Select Preview to submit time

Weekly Hours Tracker
Reporting Hours Over Appointment

Time Sheet User Guides:








See Also: Understanding Accrued Leave


Pay Dates, Holidays & Pay Periods

  • Pay Dates & Holidays
  • Pay Periods: as per RCW 42.16.010, all state officers and employees shall be paid for work performed from the first day of the month through the fifteenth day of the month and for work performed from the sixteenth day of the month through the last calendar day of the month.

Payroll Deductions

Benefit Charges

Request a Check Replacement

Direct Deposit

To enroll, update or cancel direct deposit electronically via Web4U, follow the instructions below.

Please note that all changes must be confirmed by an HR coordinator near the beginning of each pay period. 

  • Login to Web4U
    • Select Employees tab
    • Select Time Entry
    • Select Employee Dashboard
    • Click  Direct Deposit Information
    • Click Update Direct Deposit Allocation
      • if you do not see this link at the bottom of your screen or are unable to access the direct deposit information screen, it is because payroll is processing; try again in 1-3 days
    • See , if needed