COVID-19 Positive Test Reporting

What to do if you have a positive COVID-19 test

Western employees are required to report positive COVID-19 tests, or possible COVID-19 exposure, even if they currently have no symptoms. Reporting possible infection or exposure helps the University to keep everyone safe, and your personal information will be protected. Western's process for positive tests and possible exposures is below.


If you have a known or possible infection, start by notifying your supervisor and emailing Please note: your personal information is protected and not released to the public.


COVID Coordination Resilience will contact you to gather information regarding the COVID-19 positive individual.  This may include:

  • The date of onset of symptoms
  • The date of the positive test
  • WWU locations where you were present for at least 15 minutes while having symptoms and up to 48 hours before symptoms began (or, if asymptomatic, up to 48 hours before the date of test and any time after being tested)
  • Names of WWU close contacts and others who may have been around you


COVID Coordination Resilience will provide you with guidance on self-isolation and precautions for preventing the spread of COVID-19.  For questions regarding benefits and leave please email  COVID Coordination Resilience will notify any close contacts that you provide.