Classified Staff Starting Salaries Guidelines

1. The Human Resources Director Establishes Starting Salaries.

All starting salaries for classified staff shall be Step A of the Salary Schedule unless otherwise modified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement or Department of Personnel guidelines.

2. The Human Resources Director or Designee May Authorize Exceptions to Starting Salaries

The standard starting salary is the beginning step of the range for that classification as set by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In no instance will the Human Resources Director or Designee authorize a starting salary that exceeds the top of the range.

3. The Human Resources Director or Designee Authorizes Exceptions to Starting Salaries Under Specific Conditions

Starting salaries above the beginning step may be authorized when one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Competitive Market Conditions – Current labor market competition for qualified candidates has established a competitive pay level that is significantly higher than the beginning step for the classification.
  • Availability of Qualified Candidates – The recruitment process has failed to produce an acceptable number of qualified candidates for the position.
  • Exceptional or Specialized Candidate Qualification– The candidate possesses applicable experience and/or education and/or training that substantially exceeds the required minimum and is uniquely relevant to the specific position being filled and significantly enhances the candidate’s ability to fulfill the full responsibilities of the job.
  • Previous Employment Status– The candidate is a former permanent Western Washington University employee and is being rehired in the same, or substantially similar, position within one year of leaving.
  • Current Employment with Another Washington State Institution of Higher Education or Agency – The candidate is currently employed in the same, or substantially similar, position with another Washington State agency or institution of higher education.

When one or more of the conditions listed above exist, the Human Resources Director or Designee will also consider the following factors:

  • Availability of funds
  • Internal alignment of salaries within the work unit
  • Impact on members of protected groups
  • Number of conditions present as listed above

4. Human Resources Director or Designee Will Consider Salary in Prior Job Only If Candidate Meets Specific Conditions Addressed in #3 Above

Candidate’s salary in prior job is NOT a sufficient condition for a higher than minimum starting salary but may be considered if other conditions described under 3 above exist.

5. Human Resources Director or Designee Will Not Authorize Exceptions to Starting Salaries for Unacceptable Reasons

The following reasons are NOT acceptable as justification for a starting salary above the minimum starting salary:

  • The candidate has been working temporarily in a department.
  • The candidate has been making more money working temporarily in the position.
  • The candidate has education and/or training which exceeds the requirements but is not necessarily relevant for performing the duties.


Notes: This guideline applies to all Classified Staff. 

Effective Date: 12/21/1987
Revised Date: 07/01/2006
Authority: Bargaining Units under WFSE and PSE 
Approved: Director of Human Resources